About KGB Running

What does KGB stand for?

People ask what “KGB” actually stands for, and no, it isn’t because we are supporters of Russian spy agencies. “KGB” is a mantra that was the central motivating factor for us starting this company. “Keep goin’, bro” - or “keep goin’, beautiful” for our ladies line, encompasses the hustle, persistence, and determination that we strive to achieve every day not only in our athletic pursuits, but also in our personal, everyday life. The number one priority in creating these products is to spread these ideals to our customers by giving you high quality, fashionable, and functional garments that will make it easier to “keep goin’” in both your athletic and day-to-day lives, while fostering a community of supportive and encouraging athletes.

Our long term vision for this brand is that when you realize another person donning a KGB logo on their clothes during their workout, run, or other athletic pursuit, that you both encourage each other to keep going strong. 

Thanks for your support,

J.D. & Joanna Callaway