How did KGB Running start?

KGB Running was born out of the love and passion for running from our founder J.D. Callaway. One day before a run, he was looking for his running belt he usually wore on his runs. The running belt was misplaced somewhere and he thought "why do I need a separate piece of equipment to be able to carry my essentials on my run?" From there he came up with the idea for the SmartSlot Waistband to integrate into running shorts. 

Where were the products developed?

Together with a clothing designer in Austin, TX, J.D. created the first prototype of the Keep Going Short. After months of development and numerous iterations of the product, the prototype was finally completed in the summer of 2018. From there it was a matter of finding the right partner to produce the products. Today, we are working with this same partner to develop and produce additional products to help passionate runners and athletes on their journey.

Will you be offering additional colors/styles?

Yes! We are currently developing additional styles for the Keep Going Short, as well as adding more product lines such as running tops and accessories. As the company grows, so will our product line. One of the main objectives we set forth was to have some fun patterns for our running shorts line as most of the patterns available today are boring, solid colors. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about the new styles being released.

No liners on the running shorts, what gives?

After speaking with a host of different runners, we found that the liners/no liners argument was pretty split. We found that most runners have a very personal preference on what goes under their running shorts on their runs, with a lot opting for their personal preference such as running with compression shorts, tights, or briefs under their running shorts. We will soon be offering these products to go along with our current line of shorts. 

What is your shipping and return policy?

Our shipping and return policy can be found here: Shipping & Returns. For the quickest service regarding your order, please email cs@kgbrunning.com.

Where can I find trademark & patent information?

Please email info@kgbrunning.com if you would like more information. The KGB Athletic brand and logo are trademarked under the USPTO. The patent for the SmartSlot waistband is currently pending.