KGB Running - The Keep Going Men's Short 5"

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It's 6AM. You wake up, brush your teeth, then get ready for your run. You scrounge through your dresser looking for your running belt and armband so you can have some tunes and bring your wallet in case you stop by that coffee shop after your run. "Where did I put them?" you think to yourself. They are nowhere to be found in the dresser. You look in the dirty laundry. Nothing. You look in the washer. Nothing. All hope is lost...then you remember, "Oh yeah! My new shorts can do all that for me without having to gear up like an 80's action movie montage." That's when you realize you've made the best purchase of the year. You put on these shorts, stuff your phone, wallet, keys into the SmartSlot, and go out and break your PR.  


The Keep Going Men's Short features the SmartSlot waistband to securely store all of your essentials on your run or workout.

  • 5" inseam
  • Waistband pocket provides snug, worry free storage for all your essentials (will fit large smart phones)
  • Waistband features two slots to insert and remove your items in the front, and two slots in the rear, the storage area is a full 360° around the waist
  • High performance stretch fabric to keep you comfortable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Quick drying
  • Odor resistant
  • Reflective logo
  • 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex
  • Linerless


Featured Review


It's hard to buy workout clothes online because I'm more of the "smedium" range. A lot of vendors sell stuff and the quality is definitely not up to par, but I was actually very satisfied. Material is super breathable, durable, and comfy for a workout or just to enjoy the day in. As for size I thought it ran a little big, but like most once it goes through the wash it shrinks a little (I got the medium) and it fit perfectly! There are also pockets all along the waist band which was weird to me. It was a little hard to find at first, but once I used it was was amazed since nothing falls out! Hands down these were some solid workout shorts to add to the athleisure collection. Keep Goin' Bro!!

 Daniel M. 

 Houston, Texas


Sizing Info

KGB Shorts are standard to USA sized athletic shorts but designed to have a bit more snug fit at the waist to be able to hold any materials in the waistband pocket. However, since the material is a stretch material, customers may purchase even a more snug or looser fit based on the size chart below.




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I like that they are soft stretch, lightweight & comfortable. Pockets around the waist a plus. You don’t have to hold items in your hand! Grover Moore
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